2017-09-03 Sun

Bombardier and the TTC

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Yes, what goes around comes around, and Bombardier is now being shut out of the Bidding Process. The Toronto Transit Commission is not the only agency that has suffered Inexplicable Delays in Delivery of ordered Transit Vehicles.

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The interesting thing about Bombardier and the Toronto Transit Commission is that Bombardier (the vendor) has made a sale to the Toronto Transit Commission (a purchaser) and Bombardier is now in court arguing that the court should force the purchaser to go ahead with the deal.

When your Sales Staff have to get a court order to Clinch a Deal, you know that it canít be a very good deal for the purchaser.

You just look worse when your past purchasers are busy cold-shouldering you.

What a way to build up Goodwill.

Why not use the Web?

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Quite apart from Politicians and their Lying Ways (what did you expect?).

Why are Meetings that concern Public Spending being held in Private?

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Why do we need to go to court and do this whole ďFreedom of InformationĒ business?

Arenít these Bureaucrats and Pollies supposed to be serving us? Us who have access to the internet?

Why arenít these meetings recorded and made available for Public Viewing through the internet?

That they are not has nothing to do with the cost of hard drive storage; not nowadays.

It has everything to do with Public Servants, of all kinds, knowing that they would be ashamed to be caught out deciding what they are deciding on their own behalf instead of on our behalf.