2017-09-02 Sat

Observations Ė Literally

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Things you learn. Goats have Rectangular Pupils.

Trees of Toronto

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Another heavy rainfall, more woodchips washed away from the trees that were planted oh-so recently on Bay Street.

And now, I thought, we see that the hessian sack surrounding the root ball was left around the tree.

Not so.

I scraped it with the toe of my shoe. That is an almost rock-hard lump of clay surrounding the tree.

I think this means that the trees are planted in a ball of clay, rather than soil.

Any roots that can get out of there deserve to live.

Clear Thinking on Going Green

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As usual, when the province of Ontario starts bragging about something, you can discount the claims by about fifty percent.

In this case ďSmart thermostats provided freeĒ, right?

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Yep. Itís right there in print: free supply and installation, no questions asked.

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Now read the fine print.

Given that about half of Toronto residents live in high-rise buildings, the program applies only to half the population of Toronto.


The same thing happens for all sorts of economy measures from Recycling to Recycling. (Toronto is not very ambitious)

This seems odd to me. I would have thought that tackling the problems in high-rise buildings would be more efficient on two counts:-

(1)†You have a captive audience in a high-rise building. It is way easier to police good practices in a high-rise building of 350 apartments (or condo units) than it is to police 350 stand-alone houses.

(2)†Toronto is quite obviously going high-rise. The proportion of residents in high-rise buildings will increase over the next forty years. Thatís where the savings are going to be found.