2017-09-01 Fri


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For the past five years, six days a week, I have walked past this Dry-Cleaning Establishment.

For all that time I think the two signs Advertising 20% off, and 10% off, have been evident.

Which of course leads me to believe that you pay Regular Price, instead of a 25% or 11% Premium.


Crowding on the Toronto Transit Commission

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No, no one is Standing in the Aisles, yet.

But on this streetcar we see why people end up standing, and standing in the front part of the car.

The girl ahead of me is Occupying two seats and has her head down so that she doesn’t have to Acknowledge Any Passenger who might want to sit.

The Armed Forces guy is an occupying force with has rucksack on the second seat and a serious chunk of the aisle.

Toronto passengers have no Discipline whatsoever when compared to European Passengers.