2017-08-31 Thu


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I had the World’s Best Maths Teacher, Mister Brian Feld, in High School. Amongst other things, he tasked us with analysing the Lottery Commission’s weekly announcements in the West Australian newspaper.

The one-sixth page item told us how many Tickets had been sold at a dollar each, so we knew how much money had been ladled into the pool.

We also read the First Prize Amount (in those days probably about $100,000), the value of the second prize (say $50,000), third prize, and how many prizes of $5,000 were handed out, how many prizes of $500, and so on.

We totted up all the Prize Money and set it against the amount ladled into the pool.

The answer was always the same – about tenty five percent.

Thus we were allowed to figure out for ourselves, without Mr Feld telling us, that for every dollar you put into the lottery, you’ll get twenty-five cents back.

Because we were allowed to work it out for ourselves we owned that thought, and it stays with me now, notwithstanding the one photo of the delirious winner.

They never show photos of the millions of people tearing up their tickets on their way to the toilet.

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As the article states, the game is simple. But there again, so are the players.

The game is simple because in essence the game is “Give us your cash, thank you”.

Not much fun at all, really.


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I am back to five cranes through one pane of glass in one of my windows.

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And the Direct Sunlight is now gone forever (unless I move to the upper floors on the south side of the building).

The Second Condominium Tower will be out of sight by the time I return from vacation.