2017-08-28 Mon

Clear Thinking

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Whenever you read or hear about an Organization “Reducing Costs”, think instead “Increasing our Firm’s Profits (at your Expense)”.

You’ll be on the right track in no time at all.


I wandered off to our second (of three) Chinatowns, Broadview and Gerrard to check out a third aquarium supply shop.

Walking along, my merry way I came across a Cheese Shop, opened this week (I was there on a Thursday), so what else could I do but buy a little bit of cheese.

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The small blackboard outside says “Cheese” and other cheesy things, the window says “cheese”, but of course all I saw at first was “Vietnamese Restaurant”.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170824_141842930.jpg

Across the street a newly opened ice-cream parlour but it got two strikes against it the minute I walked in:-

(1) It smelt of disinfectant of some kind, but not a dab of pine-o-sol or similar mopped over a toddler’s ice-cream spill, more as if it had recently hosted an industrial sprayer to do the ceilings, wall and floors.

(2) A single scoop cone was $3.75 or close, a double $4.75, and I thought “For that money I can by four litres on my way past NoFrills on the way home”.

So I walked out. I had my cheeses anyway.