2017-08-27 Sun


I have updated my Aquarium Page .

Fighting Parking Tickets

I fought a parking ticket and won. And I lost. I made photos, diagrams, wrote up notes, and marched into City Hall Courts one evening with twelve sheets of paper stapled together. The judge held out her hand (“let me see that”) and took five seconds, tops, to flip through the notes, diagrams and photos and then said (one sentence) “Dismissed, Next!”.

I lost because it cost me four hours to drive downtown, pay to park, grab a sandwich (well you better get to court ahead of time), wait an hour for my five-second case to be dismissed, walk back to the car, drive home.

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Apart from the fact that at first glance I saw the black object as a hand gun (it is a windscreen wiper blade), I saw red once I started reading.

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Hands up those of you who think that having Toronto City adjudicate in matters concerning parking tickets issued by Toronto City.

I thought so.

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Toronto City, it is predicted, will save $2.8M out of $65.7M. Where I come from we call that “Four Percent”.

You just know in your heart that more than four percent of alleged offenders will not bother going to argue with Toronto City when it is Toronto City that issued the tickets.

So while Toronto City might save 4%, the city as a whole (that’s you as well as me) will lose much more than 4%.

Why not just ban parking on city streets? Turn them all back to four-lane thoroughfares, two lanes each way 24/7?

And then you’d really save on parking tickets, since you could just charge for towing the vehicles, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Toronto Cops

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First they tried to Introduce all-Gray Stealth Cars by stealth. They got called out on that one. Next they tried to Introduce Gray-with-White-Door Stealth cars by stealth. They got called out on that one too.

Toronto cops are Sneaky. I’ll give them that.

I am not sure whether I’d rather have Luminous Orange Cars than Road-Surface Coloured cars. I can see advantages in either mode.

But I do object to the Hidden Agenda that Toronto Cops follow.

There may be a sneaker bunch of cops on the face of the earth. I don’t know.