2017-08-26 Sat

Toronto Police

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Back on the 27th of July I wrote about a letter I sent to the Chief of Police asking that a garage door be oiled. And no, I didnít think Mark would get to read it. My sort of letter gets headed off at the pass. I received a courteous reply from an Executive Officer AND a replay from a Chief Administrative Officer.

I remain ticked off that the cops use a mentally ill person for target practice once a year, but I thought that this was a thin end of a wedge with a\ light at the end of the tunnel. The street cops might be bad guys, but the office staff are OK.

So I wrote a letter back to the Chief Administrative Officer, cc the Executive Officer and walked across the street to hand-deliver it. Thereís no way Iíll pay Canada Post to deliver a letter when it takes me less time to walk to the addressee than it does to walk to the Canada post outlet.

In my plastic shopping bag I had a pair of trousers to be dry-cleaned. Big Mistake.

On entering the headquarters I found two cops searching all bags. I had visions of the lady copy inspecting my pants and saying ďSir, your fly is undoneĒ, and the man cop taking a shot at me.

So I handed over the envelopes and asked them to deal with them and walked slowly backwards towards the door, then fled.

A pity really. Just as I was starting to sign my letters ďYour NeighbourĒ (not ďYour Friendly NeighbourĒ, Iím nowhere near there yet), but a start in a conversation, the cops, who love shooting at the general public now seem to be afraid that the general public will shoot back.

I wouldnít dream of suggesting that in print.

But they do seem a bit hostile, still.

Fully-Funded Public Transit

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Iíve been saying it for over a year now: There is a break in logic when Public Transit is NOT Fully-Funded .

You can read the first of my essays published on August 26 2016 .

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I know that the Toronto Transit Commissionís transition to the poor system known as Presto is a one-time affair (except when they replace it all with something that works properly ten years from now), but this conversion represents yet another costly exercise in a system that is NOT fully-funded.

Make Public Transit Fully Funded and do away with every cost associated with collecting fares from passengers.

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And you just KNOW that I have failed to clip this little table and pin it to my corkboard, donít you?