2017-08-25 Fri

A History Review

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Recall that this is the Nation Founded on a Principle that No Single Person would be in charge, but a Body of Many People would be in charge.

They tossed King George III Overboard.

And he was mad.

Clear Thinking

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I am quite happy with the view that “Locking up Non-Violent Offenders does little to make our world a safer place”.

I have a problem with a Drunk Driver whose actions result in the Deaths and/or Serious Injury of people.

I have experience in drink-driving, to my eternal regrets. I cannot claim that collisions where I was drunk were non-violent.

I call a collision between a ton or so of metal at any speed above running pace “a Violent Collision”, and that makes me “a Violent Offender” if it was my offense that triggered the collision.