2017-08-18 Fri


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So these geese were killed; a driver ran into or over them.

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I canít understand the problem. Happens to human beings every day somewhere across Canada. Probably happens three hundred and sixty five times a year in Toronto, and gets reported to the ;police some of the time. If you can run over pedestrians, how much easier to run over geese?

This business of ďalways cross at the same place/timeĒ is another fallacy. Sure I always cross here to collect my morning paper, but you are a driver from out of town. Or I always turn left here, but you are a tourist dressed like a Torontonian.

Toronto City Council

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Or whoever is responsible for the year-long project to repave and rebuild a flower bed outside 777 Bay Street.

What kind of brain-dead manager spends a year of time and money to rebuild a plaza and a flower bed and doesnít use the opportunity to install a water pipe and spigot?

So now we have utility trucks with a ton or two of water in a plastic bin come to water the garden bed. More time and money spent. The truck will probably go back to the depot (North York? Scarborough? Brampton? Waterloo?) to refill the tank. Say two trips per day if we are lucky.

Remember Toronto City Council is NOT dysfunctional. It is functional. Itís just that the letter ďnĒ is silent.