2017-08-16 Wed


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I was offered a few days in Collingwood to have a cat look after me while I looked after the condominium unit.

This is the cat that looked after the cat that stayed in the house in Collingwood.

Toronto Transit Commission Logic

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So straight up you know that this is about the Toronto Transit Commission being illogical.

I took this and the next photo while standing outside the entrance to the subway on Royal York Road. The cars you see are on Royal York Road, and Bloor Street is at the left of the photo.

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In this zoom shot you can see the Rogers store on the south-west corner of the intersection.

The bus platforms at Royal York Station are under repair, so buses must drop passengers in their street, on Royal York Road, to be precise.

Buses arriving from the south cross over Bloor Street and then pull up right outside the station (where I am standing) and disgorge people who scurry into the station proper.

You might think that southbound buses would pull up right across the street from the station and drop off passengers. Or at least pull up at the bus shelter on the north-west corner of the intersection. You can see the shelter at the right-hand edge of the photo.

I have circled a south-bound bus which is unloading passengers. The route indicator at the rear of the bus is towards us.

But you’d think that because you are a regular user of public transit, not a manager at the Toronto Transit Commission.

Toronto Transit Commission management in its infinite wisdom decided that a good place to disgorge its paying passengers is on the south-west corner of the intersection, so that passengers must negotiate two cycles of traffic lights in order to continue their journey.

Every Toronto Transit Commission employee should be forced to ride the Toronto Transit Commission twice a day, every day of the week, whether they are working that day or not.

Only then will the underprivileged see changes brought about by the privileged.