2017-08-11 Fri

Paris for the Day

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I drove to Paris for the day. Here is a wonderful old (by colonial standards) building in the Business Section.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170728_102417990.jpg

The garbage bins look clean. They are not a depressing grey. They do not have fancy space-age technological foot pedals that stretch or break off.

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I was amused by the side-of-a-house that appears to be bolted onto the side of a building.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170728_123634440.jpg

This sign caught my eye as I drove past. I registered ďCommunity CentreĒ and a cemetery; there wasnít time to read the fine details or spot the arrows.

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Ahhhh! The Grand River. Ainít it Grand?

Christopher Greaves IMG_20170728_155332898a.jpg

I had my pedantic doubts partway through reading the plaque.

I had thought that a watershed was a line along which rain fell to either side into different catchment areas.

So the Grand River can claim to have the Largest Catchment Area, or it can claim to have the Longest Watershed. But it canít claim to have the line of greatest area.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170728_160410748_HDR.jpg

I was traveling with a friend who noticed the strange wprk on the piers. The upstream parts arebuilt, or at least, faced, with cemented stone. The downstream parts get concrete.

Well spotted!