2017-08-06 Sun

The Eaton Chelsea Hotel

The Eaton Chelsea Hotel and its Fawning Coaches is a fascinating study.

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Here we are, the morning of the 26th of July. Gerrard West is quiet. Two cars, a cyclist, and me. I am on my way to Ryerson University to collect a newspaper.

A neat line of orange cones awaits the coach drivers. A sort of slalom which they donít attempt.

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Ten minutes later I am on my way home and what I assume is the first of the coaches pulls in. For the next hour we could watch as half a dozen coaches pulls in, sucks fifty tourists on board, and then sets off to deposit them and their wallets at Niagara Falls or Thousand Islands.

Fossil Fuels Plans Cancelled

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So there you go. I know little about these projects. I understand that a vast sea of Fossil Fuel resources is discovered, Back-of-Envelope calculations are made, groups organized and, if things work out well for them, the fossil fuels are Pumped or Dragged out of the ground and the business partners get rich.

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In this case, falling prices for the sale of Natural Gas made the scheme unprofitable, so, the development is cancelled and, in theory, fewer trees are cut and fewer lakes are polluted and life goes on.

I donít know what depresses the prolong-term price of Natural gas. Supply and Demand would be a starting point.

Perhaps all these Condominiums in Ward 27 with young people who rent a bicycle for half an hour (rather than garage a car) might have some impact.

In which case there is hope.

I look with interest on countries like France and the UK which are scheming to Eliminate Production of vehicles fueled directly by fossil fuel.