2017-08-02 Wed

David Ryder Writes ...

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... that (Toronto) City Council can seem dysfunctional.

This is an old debate. I tell people that Toronto City Council is Functional, it’s just that the “n” is silent.

Pick any aspect of big-city life and Toronto City Council screws it up. Trees, Transit. Fares. Way of paying fares. Contracts with suppliers. Traffic flow. Garbage. The list is not endless, but it pretty well covers most of what running a city is all about.

In theory Toronto is “closing in on world city status”, but I think that Toronto is circling the goal. Warily. Afraid to take the plunge known elsewhere as “planning for the next two generations instead of planning for the next election”.

Sydney, by comparison, has not one, but FORTY-FIVE councils. And managed to host a most successful Olympic games seventeen years ago.

Make of that what you will.

I ask “Why is Sydney coming to Toronto to learn something?”.

On Climate Change

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I try not to get involved in Climate Change discussions. I try instead to follow the idea of “Think Globally, Act Locally”.

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Out of Lethbridge Alberta come several clever suggestions by Frank de Walle.

I especially liked the idea of owners being forced to take public transit on random days of the week. That would even out the load for those of us who make good use of public transit.

The Eaton Chelsea Hotel

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On the 21st July coaches were again double-stacked outside the hotel. Here you can see four coaches lined up in the second lane. Coaches are parked in the kerb-side lane too.

The Coned Truck was full of Cardboard-Box Lunches. You assemble in your tour group upstairs in the ballroom, then at a signal from a wrist-watch-staring guide, you file down the stairs, across the lobby, out the front door, nod gratefully as you accept your cardboard lunch, board the coach, and shut up.

It is fifty years since last I Drove Sheep in the Wheat Belt of Western Australia.