2017-07-30 Sun

Toronto Street Garbage

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This photo made it into my letter to the councilor for Ward27. I reproduce it here to remind myself to note when the two Orange Cones are removed.

Next year.

The Eaton Chelsea Hotel

I take a coffee here every Saturday morning when I’m in town. That is, every Saturday Morning. I walk by the hotel every weekday morning to collect a Toronto Star from Ryerson University.

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I noticed many tourist coaches on the morning of July 18th. Here you can see them double-parked outside the hotel, waiting to collect their 50+ passengers each before setting off to Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands Boat Tours, and the like.

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How many coaches?

Well, the green coach is slowly pulling away from the two coaches behind it, and you can see two coaches parked alongside the kerb, so say Five, right?

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170719_070100180.jpg

Wrong! The count is Six. There was a third kerb-side bus tucked away at the rear.

The double-parking doesn’t worry us too much. The right-hand lane has been squeezed out of contention by the upstream construction site.

(later) The next Saturday I was chatting with a manager in the Eaton Chelsea Hotel. “Six coaches!” I exclaimed, “And its been like that pretty well every morning”.

“Yes,” he conceded, “yet today we are expecting forty-five coaches”.

I didn’t think to ask how many of the forty-five were bringing tourists back to the hotel from a day-tour, and how many coaches were one-way. It didn’t seem to matter.

Say forty-five coaches between 0700 hours and 1700 hours, that’s a coach every quarter of an hour, on average, right through the day.