2017-07-26 Wed

Trees of Toronto

You’ve seen this shot before ( Trees of Toronto ).

It is on my regular morning walk down the east side of Bay Street south of College and north of Gerrard West.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170717_095152793.jpg

A crew came along during the week preceding the 17th July 2017 and planted nine (I think) trees.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170717_095208719.jpg

Remember: This was a stretch of twelve tree locations with nine vacancies.

Some time this year the Toronto Star will run a “brag” piece telling us that “the City Crews have planted sixty thousand trees”, or some huge number.

Remember: The bulk of that count will be replacement trees for trees that were replacement trees four or five years ago. Not New Tree Sites. Just a repeat of the errors of years past – planting trees with limited amount of space, and hence, limited prospects for the future.

Trees of Toronto

It was quite possibly the same crew that came further up Bay Street and replenished the soil-and-woodchip beds in trees there.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170720_142500668.jpg

The next day we had a rollicking good but perfectly normal Toronto Summertime Thunderstorm.

Washed away a good deal of the chips and soil that had been piled around the trees, above the level of the sidewalk.

You can see the detritus fans snaking away to the south-west, into the storm water drains and advancing the date at which other work crews will have to come and stomach-pump out the drains.

No wait! There’s More!!

Next time that we get a Rollicking Good But Perfectly Normal Toronto Summertime Thunderstorm, the tree enclosure will be severely limited in is ability to trap water and give it time to soak down to the roots.