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When the same photo appears in two different papers, you know it’s a Good Story!

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Sears, the one-time giant department store, has, if I understand the vernacular, shafted both its current employees and its past (retired) employees, in an ambush carefully prepared by Sears.

At least one executive is afraid of being recognized.

The Canadian Commission Obsession

Indigenous Women need an inquiry, but the Canadian Nation don’t deserve this.

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Conformation that there was just one hearing (I seem to recall it lasted three days) some nine months after the commission officially began, and the theory is that this hearing was held only so that the commission could say “We have begun”.

The same theory suggests that the commission feels it needs more time.

If they can hold only one day of hearings every four months, when Indigenous Women have been crying out loud to be heard, then it seems that the members of the commission need more time to reflect on how they have misused the money they have been paid, and some hourly work with which to pay back that money.

The Toronto Transit Commission and Bombardier

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Who will be the first to Volunteer to inform the Egyptians what they are in for?