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Toronto Policeís Target Practice

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There is much about this story/these published stories that I do not understand.

Over a period of two or three years the same man was in confrontations with the police.

In the Toronto Start Thursday July 12th the man is described as Nameless..

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No one, note, knew his real name.

As is customary in Toronto, when the police are stalking someone. The police are unable to deal with the situation in a calm manner, except for calmly shooting him. Fatally. As the article points out. Toronto Police are incapable or shooting to disable. Toronto Police are incapable of backing off and calling for a Lion tamer with a Big net.

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Articles abound with this nameless man theme. Toronto Police know that they are dealing with an individual with mental health problems.

Do the Toronto Police send a squad car to collect a few nurse volunteers from CAMH? Counselors? Trained psychiatric counselors?


We have been keeping an eye on this guy for years, and we have our guns, so we donít need specialists in mental health.

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Then the story really goes off the rails.

Toronto Police are assembled to serve this nameless man with a notice that he has failed to register as a sex-offender.

(1)†How do you get to ďserve a noticeĒ without having a name on it? Are Toronto Police authorised to serve legal notices on someone who has no name?

(2)†How do Toronto Police KNOW that they guy is a sex-offender without having a name?

(3)†In a third-world city like Toronto, can one be identified as a sex-offender without the courts having access to a name?

But over all of this rests the cloud that Toronto Police were familiar (ďin the familyĒ) with this guy, and still treat their high-powered side-arms as better tools of their job than trained mental health specialists.

Whatever you do, donít admit to a problem with mental health in Toronto. You can get shot for it.

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There again, perhaps Iíve got it wrong.

Perhaps these incidents are really just on-the-job examinations for the crack shots of the Toronto Police.

Jawbone (head)


Left lung.

Right lung.

Good shooting that man! Here! Tack another gold star alongside your name in the staff room.

Well done Ace!


Failures in Advertising

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East side of Bay Street south of Bloor Street.

My question is: If they donít sell the Burrito this week, is it still available next week?