2017-07-19 Wed

Toronto – a World-Class Garbage Dump

If you think : a World-Class Garbage Dump “ is because I’m sore, you should see what I had there before I shot off a Letter to my local Ward 27 Councilor. You can download your own copy from here .

The Cost of Garbage

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170710_135118058.jpg

It is not just the Storage Room, the Containers, and the Collection Systems.

The Cost of Garbage can be measured into the cost of Deflecting Pedestrians, Wheelchair bound folks, and Mothers with Strollers into the traffic lanes.

Failures in Advertising – NOT!

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170712_160855149.jpg

I love the signs like these. They do make we want to go inside and Sample the Atmosphere. This sign is on the east side of Bay Street somewhere between College and Bloor Streets.