2017-07-18 Tue

Direct Sunlight

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On July 18th I had another morning of direct sunlight. Not a lot, I admit, but technically direct sunlight.

The Toronto Transit Commission

The New Streetcars from Bombardier are being put into service. I caught a regular car along College Street to Bathurst, then waited for a southbound Bathurst, which arrived, pulled up to a stop.

Clutching my Paper Transfer I walked to the front door – and waited. Everyone else got on at the centre doors. Finally my front door opened and I climbed aboard. No driver. Well, at least, the Driver is Hermetically Sealed inside a cab.

I Sat. I got off at King Street and walked the rest of the way.

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On the return trip I elected not to wait for a northbound streetcar – they appear to me to be too Overpowering. I elected to wait for an eastbound King streetcar, one of the old-fashioned ones with a driver who opens the door and issues a paper-transfer.


Along King Street comes a new car.

By now I have learned that there is a Discreet Button alongside the door. I press the button, the doors open, I climb aboard clutching my paper ticket – and can’t see what to do with it. There is no cash-box into which I can drop my ticket and thus receive a paper transfer from the driver – who is inaccessible anyway.

I sit, waiting to have a fight with the first Fare Inspector that comes along.

Then I decide to explore.

Waddaya know! Partway along the streetcar is a Ticket-Registering Machine. I get my ticket time-stamped and return to the front, to locate the ticket-registering machine which obviously I failed to spot at the front door.

There is no ticket-registering machine by the front door.

I looked for ten minutes, twisting my head neck, and body. Looking up, down, along.


What kind of a system fails to pit a ticket-registering machine by a boarding door?

Condominium Construction

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South side of Yorkville Avenue between Yonge Street and Bay Street. Right across the street from the Fire Hall and the Yorkville Public Library.

This looks like an extremely narrow site. There is a possibility that it will be a new Retail-Office Block, but given its proximity to the Yonge subway line and the Bay Street bus line, I find it hard to believe that we won’t have a Seventy-Storey Condo here within five years time.