2017-06-26 Mon

TTC Trips 3 of 6

Tuesday 20th June from home (College subway) to York University Keele/Steeles campus.

I took my contact’s advice and headed to the campus by the 106 bus. A big mistake. (a) I waited for a streetcar to take me to Queens Park Subway, but could have walked there in less time. From the time I entered the station at Queens Park to the time the #106 pulled out of Downsview, sixty minutes elapsed.

What consumed the time? I spent about thirty minutes waiting for a 106 bus that is supposed to depart every eight minutes or so.. Or so I thought. I checked the printed map, I checked the dynamic and vibrant displays. Seven more minutes, they said. I found the 106 platform sandwiched between two 196 (I think) platforms, sat, and watched various people, students I guessed, run from the lineup at one of the 196 platforms towards the other to see the driver close the bus doors and scurry off. By now of course, a bus had pulled up at the original platform. Run from this to that lineup, watch the driver close the doors and scurry off.

I felt sorry for the people who really just wanted to get on a 196 bus, but were doomed to oscillate between two platforms and, presumably, never get to York University campus by express bus.

I was sitting facing the 106 platform, and did not see a bus (they are large visible objects) pull up. Sitting next to me was a young fellow in vermillion pants. He traveled with me when the 106 finally appeared, so I imagine that his eyes, too, must have been on the 106 platform.

I chatted with a couple from Victoria, looking for the 106 (Yes, this IS the platform) on their way with suitcases to visit a maiden aunt and then to the airport. “Should we, do you think, get a cab to the airport?”. I told them “Absolutely. No-one in their right mind would wait for a 106 to return you to this station, so that you can travel by subway train south and east to connect to another subway train that will carry you west so that you can catch a bus that will take you to the terminal. Take The Cab!”.

The 106 bus service is unreliable. It is my belief that two buses skipped the schedule, a belief borne out by interrogating other passengers.

I was on the move from 10:15 to 11:45, so a ninety-minute trip from College Subway Station to York University.

Trees of Toronto

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170621_064048689.jpg

I usually walk down the east side of Bay street south of College six days a week. I have documented the stretch where only three of nine trees have survived.

In this photo, the set of twelve enclosures starts where the man is walking. Nine trees dead out of twelve.

The other morning I realised that between the BMO and Bloor Street there is a spot where TWO trees have died.

The city had a treeinacage, and then put in another treeinacage.

The second treeinacage was given a larger spot and the original treeinacage was sealed with bitumen. I believe the larger sport’s tree was killed by the workmen who took twelve months to pave over a quarter-acre site outside the Rexall Pharmacy at 777 Bay Street.