2017-06-23 Fri

SUFE – Vermicomposting

I was watching a Worm last night. My bit-tub sits in an old chipped bowl, and a worm had come across, so when I emptied everything out there was a Healthy, Pregnant Worm in the bowl. I tipped the bowl sideways, with the Kitchen Light shining on it (2x100w at twelve feet) expecting the worm to make a bee-line downwards to the stuff in the bin. Away from light; towards gravity etc.

It didn’t.

It got confused.

It slithered around a bit, tucked its head under where its arm would be, if it had at least one arm, and then sulked.

After a minute it began to move, upwards, across the side of the bowl, towards the vertical surface that was the base of the on-its-side-bowl, upwards, away from the Shredded Paper, Castings and Breadcrumbs.

I thought that worms had Light-Sensitive wossits in their tails.

Am I correct?

The tip of the tail was pointed upwards; the coil of the worm meant that its head-end was also pointed upwards. You could imagine it as the Yonge-University subway line, if you like.

So I thought that the worm-tail would send a message to the head saying “Get us out of here. I, the tail, am too close to the light. Go straight ahead as fast as you can.”

Of course, the worm being in a U-shape could interpret “Go straight ahead ...” as meaning follow-your-nose, and since the worm was in a U-configuration, that would mean that the head was now heading towards the light.

This can’t be true, can it? Worms have Evolved to Survive by moving away from the light. Any worm that was fooled by being in a U-shape would have been bred out of existence long ago.

So even when a worm is in a U-configuration, with its tail pointing towards the light, there must be enough logic in its brain (and we know it has a brain because all living things capable of motion have to have a brain) to determine that it is in a U-configuration so that “Go straight ahead ...” can be interpreted as meaning “First make a U-turn and THEN Go straight ahead ...”.

But if that is so, then it muse also have logic to determine that it is in a triple-bend U-shape, or tied in a knot etc.

I can’t believe that worms can do Topological Mathematics.