2017-06-15 Thu


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I have just finished reading “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari, and what a great read it was. The sub-title is “A Brief History of Tomorrow.

Not every page is rich, but there are so many observations that the book is a great read.

Here is a page where Harari discusses the impact of Artificial Intelligence on jobs. The usual “your job will likely disappear” stuff, and then in just four words, a clue towards a plan for Job Security.

Find work in a sector or industry that doesn’t Produce Huge Profits. Then your job will be safe.

Note that this is not about taking a pay-cut. This is about finding something that the Artificial Intelligence vultures will find Unappealing.

A great read.

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Toronto Police

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Another day another Coroner’s Inquest. Another nothing-changes event.

My issue with the Toronto Police is that two officers need to kill a man armed with just a Hammer.

I have never been a police officer, so I don’t know what it is like to be a Police Officer (or if you prefer “One of a pair of police officers”) confronting a man armed only with a Hammer and me guaranteed a win because I have a Firearm. (“confronting a man armed with a Hammer and me with only a Firearm”)

I have issue with the repeated instances where Killing someone is seen as a Solution, rather than shooting them in the thigh, or right shoulder.

Don’t these cops have pistol-shooting practice? Can’t they hit a Shoulder Blade at ten feet?

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I also have problems with Increased Training in De-Escalation for Toronto Cops. The current training course in de-escalation clearly does not work.

If my weight-loss diet consists of eating as much gluten-free ice-cream as I can swallow without barfing it up, eating more ice-cream isn’t really going to help me to get my weight down. For that I need to switch to eating more vegetables.

Boosting Cops de-escalation training to five hours a year over four hours (or whatever the casual dress terms are) isn’t going to help.

See what I wrote in Shoot or Shoo back on Saturday 6th May this year.

In the case of Sammy Yatin, he was imprisoned, Solitary Confinement, in a streetcar on Dundas Street. Why didn’t one of the Cops who arrived to get their photos in the paper think of sending a squad car down to CAMH, not half a mile away, and grabbing the first four nurses they saw. My guess is that any one of those nurses could have calmed Yasin down to the point where he could be handled carefully (and taken to CAMH so that we all might learn something).

Nothing but Killing is good enough for Toronto Cops.