2017-06-12 Mon

Trees of Toronto

Christopher Greaves Medina2_IMG_20170609_071458666.jpg

This tree is near the south-east corner of Gerrard and Yonge.

At first glance you think it has a fighting chance, right?


Christopher Greaves Medina2_IMG_20170609_071534899.jpg

There are two trees.

The one with Scraggly Leaves is now behind me.

You can see that the other one is dead.

These trees are on the enclosures that Toronto City Council made when it Rebuilt this street less than a year ago.

So now you know. Toronto City can’t keep trees alive for the first year of their life.

If I were a truly evil person I’d suggest planting the entire city tree department and every city councilor like the trees are planted, with a mere fifteen-inch square breathing space around their necks.

But I’m not really like that at all.

I’d rather see trees than Incompetent Staff and Workers.

Clear Thiinking

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Yes. “Thiinking” to reflect my poor knowledge of the Scandinavian Character set.

These paragraphs are from an article in The New Yorker October 24th 2016.

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I have no argument against Climate Change – only 12,000 years ago, where I sit and type was under a layer of ice some one or two miles thick. (Some people claim “Three Kilometres thick”, but as we all know Kilometres hadn’t been invented at that time).

Global warming ditto, and for the same reason.

But these are on Timescales of tens or hundreds of thousands of years.

Now here is a report of a change of fifteen degrees over a fifty-year period. And here are us humans worrying about a 2°c shift over a hundred years!

I do not claim that the warming trend of the last hundred years is not due to human agency.

As a scientist I do think that all other rational causes should be eliminated before jumping on to the knee-jerk reaction that “mea culpa” everything is our fault.

Now, I believe too that we humans have a lot to answer for. SUVs, and a disgusting proliferation of LEO satellites, and the high prices of ice-cream, to name but three.

Opaque garbage bags, to name a fourth. Garbage bags, to name a fifth. The concept of Garbage to name a sixth.

I also think that we should reduce or eliminate much of the Private Vehicular Traffic, SUVs and tanks, food waste, Polystyrene Foam food containers and paper coffee cups, and a slew of other stuff to numerous (and too depressing) to list here.

But note that I think we should cut back on SUVs and take-away food containers as a matter of principle, regardless of their impact (or not) on Global Warming or Climate Change.

I’m not against plastics. I just think that we could either use them less, or re-use them more.

Whether winters become milder of colder or wetter or dryer or what.