2017-06-02 Fri


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Fencing doesn’t always signal Demolition. In some cases Mesh Fencing is the prelude to Modification and Renovation.

The Micro Time Café is adjacent to a parking lot outside Wellesley Subway Station.

My bet is on a Condominium Tower.

Live downtown, work in the suburbs. Empty trains in both directions. You’ll always get a seat!

Trees of Toronto

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Last Saturday I made a tally of the first twelve Flower-Pot Tree Stands on the east side of Bay Street immediately south of College Street.

Spindly trees. Not much here in terms of a Powerhouse of Photosynthesis.

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The first twelve “pots” have three trees amongst them. The remaining nine pots are either empty (therefore NOT a healthy tree!) or have just a Stick with Twigs, none of which show Buds a full month after Budding began in Toronto after a Mild Winter.