2017-05-31 Wed


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Everywhere I walk I see Construction Fences going up. Block-fulls of Store Windows papered up with the same consistent paper used by Demolition Crews.

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Here is a lovely old red-brick building on the corner of Jarvis and ???

Look at the lovely limestone (?) or granite (?) base in the first photo. It might be decorative rather than structural, but it is attractive.

Soon to be gone, no doubt.

Clear Thinking

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Once you get your head around the idea that Jack Lakey’s column in the Toronto Star is just a space-filler to accommodate people who couldn’t otherwise get their name in the newspaper, it is as harmless as an advertisement for self-regulating window blinds.

For one thing, Jack Lakey doesn’t actually fix the real problem, which is almost always with management.

“We’ll send someone out to look at it” is the stock response by Toronto City Council or any business in the city.

Never will you see “Gosh! We had better change our way of doing business to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again”.

Matter are not helped by Jack Lakey’s poor command of English.

“Sooner or later there’s going to be a traffic accident” translates literally into “Sooner of later there’s going to be a [traffic] unforeseeable event”


If something is unforeseeable, how can you see it coming?

And if you can’t see it coming, how can you say that you can see it coming?

Just Askin’ …