2017-05-30 Tue


… and while we are on the subject …

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I’m having lunch with my friend Jake at the “Yummy BBQ” on Yonge street next Thursday.

That’s the Yummy, half-hidden by the construction fence. Soon to be blocked completely from sunlight by yet another Condominium Tower.

What annoys me the most is the construction trailers who reverse into place (“Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep,…) and then un-shackle the chains holding their loads (“rattle”, pause, “rattle”, pause, “rattle”, pause, “rattle”, pause, …) and then leave me trying to get back to sleep at five o’clock in the morning.

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Here’s the inside of the Yummy. That’s the menu on the wall.

Clear Thinking

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I have nothing against Beautiful Virgins per se.

I have nothing against Beautiful Women per se.

I have nothing against women or virgins per se.

Why! Some of my best friends are of the opposite sex.

But frankly, with my experience (“limited” or “extensive” depending, probably, on your experience), it is Experienced Women who are the most fun.

Not virgins.

And if you’re thinking “Hymen”, then think a bit more.

Yes, it’s true, a Sexually Experienced women can offer me more variety when it comes to the sex act. I can say that I have broadened my experience considerably since the age of seventeen.

But now broaden your thinking: Honestly, would you rather engage in conversation with someone your own age than someone who is, let us say, thirty years younger?

Sweet and charming as twenty-year olds are, they have not had enough experience in life to maintain my interest for very long.

And if you think that chatting up seventeen year olds solely as a means to gain sex, well, perhaps you should take matters into your own hands.

Alan Coren, I think it was, wrote a great article titled “Virgins for Industry”. If I can track it down I’ll post a reference to it.