2017-05-22 Mon


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On Wednesday May 10th the National Post reported a plan to establish a Submarine Cable between Toronto and Buffalo, citing the need for a more direct (“straight-line”) route between the two cities.

Frankly I hadn’t thought that there was that much Internet Traffic between the two cities, but then reflected that maybe Buffalo is our nearest hub into the USA.

I have trouble understanding just how much time it will save, even when multiplied by the millions of millions of millions of bytes that will take this short-cut.

By car from Toronto to Buffalo is reported by Google to be ??? Km.

Google maps tell me the straight line route (as the crow swims) is ??? KM.

That is a saving of ??? Km, and with the speed of electricity approaching the speed of light, 300,000 Km/second, that amounts to a saving of about ??? seconds.

I’m just sayin’ ...

Shoot or Shoo

Two items appeared almost side-by-side in the Toronto Star on Wednesday May 17th.

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Toronto Cops had Shot a Human.

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Toronto Police Shot a Bear

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