2017-05-18 Thu


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On Thursday May 11th The Toronto Star ran an article on Condominium Prices in Toronto, specifically, prices on condos served by Subway Train Stations.

These prices are per square foot.

Where I now live (College subway station) think $841/square foot.

Where I used to live (west of Kipling subway station) think $521/square foot.

The difference in cost of $320 per square foot is an approximate measure of the value of the Convenience of being in the Centre of Things and being able to walk to every one of them.


You had to be there ...

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I was standing, waiting to meet a friend, on the south-west corner of Yonge and Eglinton. A standard Modular Construction Fence shielded me from whatever the city was thinking about doing to part of the street.

A Utility Truck disgorged the driver and two passengers, who took a bundle of plastic from the truck bed and began clipping it to the railings.

I called the driver over and asked him why he didnít just get the truck washed if he was so ashamed of it.

He replied with a laugh ďOh, itís not that itís dirty; itís because itís a Ford!Ē