2017-05-13 Sat


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Ordinarily there is nothing strange about this photo, taken on Yonge Street. A Storefront Window has been Broken, or at least cracked, and a sheet of plywood is tacked over the window-space until the Glazier can drop by.

I walk around the downtown core every day, and I have not been keeping track, but it seems to me that the rate of broken storefront windows has increased to about one a week, and that’s just for streets I walk along.

There are possibly other broken windows that are fixed before I walk by.

All of this suggests to me that since, say, March, a sole Angry Person, or a Team of Louts, has embarked on a program of venting spleen.

All to the benefit of the glaziers.


These two clippings came from the same page of The Toronto Star for the week of 8th-14th May 2017.

You may think of the errors as trivial, but they cause readers to pause. Our brains hiccough and say, “hey! Just go back and tread that again”.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170509_071735700.jpg

The collection can span every room in the house, or it can run across every room in the house.

To span is to go from one side to the other.

Across has a similar meaning, from one place to another.

“Span across” is meaningless, and confuses the average reader of the Toronto Star.

Unless the average reader of the Toronto Star is illiterate.