2017-05-11 Thu


I was rather impressed with this bit of logic; almost to file it under “Clear Thinking”.

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“The fastest way to Increase Five-Year Survival Rates is to Diagnose a whole lot of people with Cancer”.

The article was, in essence, a bit of a call against the wholesale testing of PSA antigens and removal of women’s breasts “just in case”.

The logic, though, is that if you administer a test that produces a lot of false positives, enclosing, say, fifty percent of the population, and then count the number of those who succumb to cancer, you will have a low number of deaths, if only because most of the false positives didn’t have cancer in the first place, and so could not succumb to cancer.

A similar bout of illogic struck Toronto City Council some fifteen or twenty years ago.

Toronto City used to distribute backyard composters at cost, or thereabouts. Show up with your hydro bill and get a compost bin for ten bucks.

Then an edict was brought in that Landfill Diversion Rates must be increased to eighty percent, or somewhere close to that. An easy way to boost the tonnage of re-used material is to ban composting and collect the green waste and add it to the tonnage diverted from landfills.

Of course, you have to buy and maintain a fleet of diesel-spewing trucks and benefit-laden crews, but look: “Diversion Percentages are Way Up!”


A humorous snippet from Saturday’s National Post:-

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First our friend sues the Federal Tax Department for $750,000,000. That ought to draw attention to yourself and members of your family and boards of directors for up to fifteen years after your death.

Second you apply to exempt yourself from tax laws that apply to Citizens of Canada. (Go search the web for “Hutt River Colony” and “Leonard Casley” to learn how to do this successfully.)

Third, our forgot that he lost the latest round with the Federal Tax Department.

Three strikes and you’re out!