2017-05-01 Mon


I was ill for a week back in April. A flu-like bug that sneaked past my defenses when I was exhausted. Better now, almost.

I have noticed though that in April my energies had sagged a great deal. For one thing my recent bout of plantar faciitis immobilized me and broke my habit of attending a noontime concert each weekday. On top of that I started taking shorter strides and adopted a slower pace when walking. The impact of this becomes clear because I fond that I no longer have an uninterrupted walk from College to Bloor. I have to stop several times because I have not caught the pedestrian lights.

The flu-like think seems to have sapped my mental energies. Here is an example: Today (Monday) has given us heavy rainfall from about ten in the morning until the early evening. In the past I would have reveled in such a day Ė a day to do odd jobs around the apartment, to catch up on my writing, to effect changes to several computer programs. Instead I find myself reading a volume of Adrian Moleís diaries, drinking mugs of tea, catching a nap on the couch for sixty minutes.

It is as if I have made a quantum leap in energy, a change from, say six hours of daily activity to two hours. Not a gradual lessening from six, through five, four, three to two spread over a six-month decline, but a sudden break.

Letís see if my energies pick up once the rain stops and the sun shines again.

I think I am returning to Poissy for September.

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