2017-04-28 Fri


I ought not to be eating cheese if I am serious about losing weight, but then, it is so hard to deny cheese.

About six months ago in a fit of self-pity I dropped into a Rabba market on my way home and bought a small slab of Asiago Cheese.

It was tasty, tastier when grilled on toast.

I resolved to stop buying slabs of orange plastic from the supermarkets, to buy less cheese, but spend the same amount of cash and enjoy it more.

Well, for six months I have snapped up plastic whenever the price at No Frills drops below $10/Kg, and dabbled in Asiago wherever I find it.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170429_105955630.jpg

Which is why some three months ago I checked out the price of Asiago in the Dominion store near the St Lawrence Markets, then found that the Asiago was cheaper in the markets.

Quelle Surprise!

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170429_110001357.jpg

I was back in the markets a few days ago, and decided to buy 200g of Asiago and 200g of France Comte.

The bill came to $36.64. Thatís as near as dammit to $40, which is ten slabs of plastic, on a good day at No Frills.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170501_175944666.jpg

The French Comte is $80 per Kilo, and I have been objecting when plastic goes above ten!

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170501_180007238.jpg

The Asiago is $70 per Kilo, and I have been objecting when plastic goes above ten!

Whatís going on?

I think that this weekís trip to St Lawrence Markets saw me at the counter of a cheese shop ordering a tranche of cheese from a wheel.

When I buy a plastic-wrapped pre-cut and weighed slab of cheese, it comes much cheaper, whether it is in St Lawrence Markets, Dominion, Loblaws or wherever.

More Research Needed Here!