2017-04-19 Wed

Toronto Cops Bored to death

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170413_140352166.jpg

This is a cop who is on Duty, on Foot, and because he is not in a Squad Car, he feels lost, Exposed, and almost Defenseless except for the gun he is packing. He can use the gun to Shoot Mentally Ill People if he doesnt understand them.

Until a Disturbed Person shows up, he has really nothing to do to earn his $100K per annum.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170413_141006823.jpg

There is no Construction going on, nothing that would seem to warrant his appearance here.

But what is that in his hand? And why is he challenging the passerby wearing a red toque?

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170413_141009308.jpg

Hes Selling Cookies, just like the Little Girl Guides in their Little Blue Skirts!

It must be tough to have to augment your $100K income by selling cookies in the street corner during your lunch hour.

Poor cop.