2017-04-18 Tue

How to starve at lunchtime

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Before you join a line-up for a meal at lunchtime, check the windows of the restaurant.

This place has a notice that says “We are Hiring”.

What you don’t want to do I stand at the end of the line for twenty minutes assuming that the food must be terribly popular, and then discover that you are effectively waiting for a quick job interview.

French Cafés

When I returned from Poissy last year, I missed the cafes so much that I started to look for similar establishments in Toronto.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170413_125503330.jpg

This is the view from my second find, “Café M” on the west side of Yonge street just north of Wellesley.

The doorway is funnel-shaped, and so the seats in the window area let you look up and down Yonge Street at an angle.

The sign with “FREE” isn’t about WiFi – although they have that – it’s about Free Coffee if you buy enough.