2017-04-12 Wed


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So up at Yonge and Eglinton I sat in The Pickle Barrel sipping a cup of tea and noticed something Iíve been advocating for two years now Ė the provision of a loading and delivery bay in a new building and its use during construction.

A simple drive-through bay would allow garbage trucks and removal vans to access the building without blocking traffic.

The same argument applies during construction, and here you see a concrete truck backing in.

It is true that traffic is held up for two minutes while the truck backs in, but after that, both northbound lanes are free for regular vehicular traffic.

I finished my tea and sought confirmation from a site engineer.

ďNoĒ, he said. ďThis isnít a delivery bay. Once the building is complete, this hole will be a branch of the TD bankĒ.

Of course.

No developer is going to pay money for land for delivery vehicles when he can rent the space and make free use of the traffic lanes for deliveries.

Silly of me!


This is not about Trump, it is about language. I just happen to be using quotations from Trump to make an example. Or two. Or Three. Or very, very many, a large, huge number. Of examples.

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This chunk of text appeared in the Toronto Star, first week of April 2017.

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... big impact on me, Big Impact.

... horrible, horrible, ...

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... innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, ...

Duplicated words, repeated words, duplicate, over and over and over again (you get the idea) are seen as such a basic error in communication that Microsoft Word 97 flagged such construction as errors.

I think that we can feel secure in analyzing text and if we find repeated words, conclude that the speaker doesnít really know what they are saying.

Repeated words seem to be a means of stalling for time, trying to buy time, gain time, get more time, while we think of something to say.

Apart from which I think that two consecutive ďveryĒs is very, very, very bad.