2017-04-08 Sat


Just over a week ago I wrote about Bulk Barn’s 30% off coupons.

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This past week I was given a coupon booklet when I received my 30% discount. (It is $3 off when you spend $10 or more).

The booklet is mainly for items I don’t buy, would not normally buy. But two coupons are general-purpose, so I am back onto hoarding coupons.

I checked with my friend who works at a Dominion store. She had asked me to get rolled-oats, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and some Thompson Raisins for her. She compared the price of one item and found that even before the 30% discount the Bulk Barn item was cheaper than the corresponding item at Dominion.

Who knew?

Eaton Chelsea

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Saturday mornings I go for coffee at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel, and enjoy this visit as an anchor-point in my week.

I used to watch in amazement as people leave a tray of food uneaten. Then I realized that it is a breakfast buffet – all you can eat for $18, and people go back for second helpings and in that short interval, their stomachs gets the message up to the brain “Enough!”.

Hence the left-over plates.

So I was puzzled when a young lady left a solitary muffin.

I mean, “Why not wrap it in a napkin and take it for a mid-morning snack?”

Sure enough a staff-member came along and cleared the table. Yet another edible piece of food swept into the garbage.

Five minutes later the young lady re-appeared with her extra coffee.