2017-04-05 Wed

Clear Thinking

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We already know that Terrorists are basically stupid. I mean, why risk your life for Seventy Virgins? I’d hold out for Seventy Experienced Women, they know so much more, and are much more fun.

The Directors of terrorists however are not stupid. They are bright and intelligent people.

Clever enough to have a Laptop Case stowed in the Checked-in Luggage and trigger it by a Cell Phone. After all, the laptop case doesn’t have to contain the original Computer. It needs contain only the explosives and a small computer. A small computer like today’s cell phones, a cell-phone that can be triggered from another cell-phone in the passenger cabin.

If the demands aren’t met.

Clear Thinking

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These “More Efficient” items always get me going.

“Use Revolving Doors to Conserve Energy”. Utter Crap!

When I use a revolving door I have to rotate four Heavy Panes of Glass through 180º, a total of 4x180=720º of pane-movement. When I use the adjacent Hinged Door, I need move a single pane only 45º.

Using the hinged door means that I expend only 6.25% the energy I would expend had I used the rotating door.

And in case you are thinking Heating/Cooling, let’s be honest here: A rotating door is a Mechanical Pump that pumps air in and out of the building.