2017-04-02 Sun


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I had to read this several times to make sure that it wasnít a mis-print in the Corrections column of The Globe and Mail.

Failures in Braken Advertising

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What worries me is that the shop who printed the poster for the shop didnít spot and/or correct the two Spelling Errors.

Print Shops should be held to a Higher Standard.

Trees of Toronto

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The work on killing the new trees is complete. Hereís a rainy-day shot of one of the Planters. Donít be fooled by the apparent area of exposed soil. Most of that soil Ė Iíd estimate 80% of the area Ė is sitting on a slab of concrete that seals the roots of the doomed tree from the air and moisture.

Worse, the concrete probably traps deadly gases, the product of decomposition, in the soil.