2017-03-31 Fri

Trump Tries to Ruin my Vacation

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Yes, right now it is only flights to/from the US, but Trumpís record is that he will so muddy the waters that come next September, Iíll have to put my laptop in checked luggage.

Problem is, like about half the passengers on flights to Paris, I donít HAVE checked luggage, just a shoulder-bag.

So, you think, just check your shoulder-bag; you sleep for five hours of the flight anyway.

Not so easy: The zipper on my shoulder-bag is broken. Iím not putting my laptop in a wide-open bag and into the care of unknown baggage-handlers and peddlers of stolen laptops.

Perhaps Iíll just stay home and read more books

Clear Thinking Ė Basic Arithmetic

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Yes, the illogical twerp again.

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I need some help here. Can Democrats be blamed if they have a minority?

If Trump/republicans won the election, if republicans won both houses, then how can the

Can this mean that Republicans arenít one hundred percent behind twerp?

Hah hah. Who would have guessed ...

Whatís more worrying to me is a President who thinks that a democratic minority can be blamed, let alone should be blamed.

I need some help here.

Or at least, one of us does.


Hard on the heels of pension day comes the Bulk barn Flyer. Last month I wrote about my scavenging through the recycle bin for flyers with coupons. This month I was ready, and grabbed about a dozen flyers, two coupons per flyer.

I noted with interest that quality pitted prunes were on Special. Again. At 35% off.

Another way of saying that is that they are prices at only 70% of their regular price.

So I asked about the 30% coupons. Yes, thatís another 30% off, so that if I buy ten dollars worth of goods, it will cost me only seven dollars.

Even if the stuff Iím buying is already at 70% of its regular price.

So 70% times 70% is 49%, last time I looked. In other words, I got a fifty-one percent discount this morning by buying 1.2 Kg of prunes at $8.36/Kg. That took me just over the ten dollar mark, so three dollars was dropped off that price.

I grabbed $15.46 worth of prunes for $7.83.

No wait! Thereís More!!

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The friendly clerk gave me a booklet of coupons, mainly for things I donít normally eat, but two general-purpose coupons caught my eye, so I have saved those.

These two coupons are for the period beyond the regular coupons.