2017-03-30 Thu


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On my way back from Clarkson on the GO Train I caught sight of a shed of some sort, a small barn, whose western roof was eaves-trough to ridge covered in Solar Panels.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170322_162540357.jpg

Three cheers, I thought, for the owner.

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Mounting a wad of solar panels on the shed means you donít have to mess around with the roof of your house. Clever!

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Then the evil part of my mind took over, and I thought, Gee! If you wanted to establish a Dope-Growing Operation without the electricity company getting suspicious ...

College Park

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In case you were wondering whether the Little Park will be Available for use this year ...

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... my bet is probably not. To the best of my, no-one has been working here for six months.

Just another Bomb-Site in Toronto.