2017-03-28 Tue

Public Transit NOT in Ontario

If you have ever wondered why Public Transit is a mess in the city that everyone brags is “World-Class” but isn’t, start here:-

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The debates continue about at least three major forms of public transit. Now we are waiting for the 9-Year, 6-Kilometre, $3-Billion but only 1Stop Subway Extension to balloon to $5B so that we can get rid of the inane suggestion (it isn’t a Plan) and make sure we have lost yet another 4 years of Development.

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Note in just one paragraph the parties involved, and this doesn’t include the public who need the Transit, or the politicians who, surprise surprise, are digging for votes:-

(1) Metrolinx, a provincial (in all senses of the term) agency

(2) GO Transit – a bus and almost-train service overseen, we are told, by Metrolinx

(3) The Toronto Transit Commission, a willful and petulant brat with self-centred ideas of its own (The Toronto Transit Commission believes that nobody lives north of Steeles Avenue!)

(4) The Mayor. (please see “digging for votes” above)

(5) The Province – one of the two authorities with a purse with strings.

Then of course we have the Feds(6), but they didn’t rate a mention in the paragraph.

Too many Cocks spoil the Brothel, I think it is.