2017-03-25 Sat


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I know the feeling of Loneliness bordering on the desire to start Ridiculous Enquiries, by phone or in person, just for the sake of hearing another human’s voice. Sad but true; I can be overcome by a desire to have SOMEONE pay attention to me, to the extent of starting Futile Conversations in a store.

I am not alone.

Such characters as I are the pool of talent for Comic-Strips in the Newspapers.

As well I know of two friends who have fallen for Online and Telephone Scams. Horribly so. One pumped funds into a firm that detects Viruses and offers to clean them online while-you-wait as soon as you provide a credit-card number. Another fell for the Nephew-in-a-Spanish-Jail Scam. Both parted with, for them, large sums of money.

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What puzzles me is the lack of application of the old adage “Once bitten, twice shy”.

If I have understood the article, the victim realized that she had been had, and then fell for the same trick. For Seven Years.

Now wouldn’t you think that over a period of seven years there would have been someone she spoke to, I mean, even if you had human contact only once a month, who might sound a warning-bell, and given cupidity on the first scam, might that not have provoked an interesting conversation?