2017-03-24 Wed

Clear Thinking

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I have no problem in todayís world with Fathers doing more work at home. Times have changed. A One-Hour Commute, seven hours behind a desk, a one-hour commute and thatís it?

Canít be good, especially when the mother is faced with A one-hour commute, seven hours behind a desk, a one-hour commute. And then a whole slew of Baby- and House-Work.

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I do object to the blanket argument that men are the equal of women except for those occupations that absolutely require a Vagina or a Penis.

I maintain that men, Physically and Mentally, are NOT the equal of woman.

In Evolutionary Terms, men evolved to be, in general, larger and stronger than the men-with-wombs, or womb-men. In evolutionary terms BECAUSE women breast-fed, men were more able to run off an a long hunt for mobile protein. For this, men needed physical strength and endurance, and quite probably a different Wiring of the Brain.

I donít mean to belittle women, but if there IS a difference in brain wiring, itís probably in menís brains that we should find clever stuff about tracking, Gauging Wind-Direction, when to take a short-cut and head of the game, and finally, how to make best use of brute strength, perhaps by driving herds over cliffs, promoting death, when women are concerned with nurturing life.

With todayís servo-controlled vehicles, I see no reason why a petite pony-tailed blond shouldnít drive a Dump Truck or control a Tower-Crane, regardless of whether he, or she, washed their hair nightly.

And with anticipated continual advances in medicine, we canít be more than ten years from the announcement of a course in medication that will cause men to lactate.

You read it here first.