2017-03-23 Thu


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I had to chuckle at the concept of a $40,000 Olive.

Yes, I know what they mean, and I think the statement is well-worded, but that word “Single” is so powerful, that I felt like booking a flight and offering up my olive if they’d give me, oh, say, a ten percent cut of the Savings.


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I’d persevere with the emails until I obtained a Written Statement from the city that the hole is NOT their property, then I’d wheel the bundle-buggy down to Canadian Tire and but one of those bags of housholder concrete mix, add water, and pour it down the hole.

Not that the City of Toronto would learn anything from this. In fact, the Department Head would welcome the Extra Expense in digging out the hole, because that means Next Year’s Budget Request can be that much greater, and that is what managing Toronto City is all about ...