2017-03-14 Tue


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This photo from a weekend paper. It is, I suspect, a Satellite Photo. It shows North Korea, with South Korea to the right and Mainland China away to the left.

Now whether North Korea just happened to be celebrating a “lights-out” event or whether this is just normal, I don’t know, but it is a striking view all the same


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170307_112856695.jpg

This is our Recently-Paved Grenville Street, bounded by our Recently-Paved Sidewalk, recently spray-painted with Day-Glo in preparation, one assumes, for being Dug Up Again.

We used to have a puddle on the sidewalk, just this slab this side of the lamppost.

The puddle is now gone, the sidewalk having been re-paved prior to being re-dug-up-again.

Did you ever wonder where puddles go when they are removed?