2017-03-06 Mon

The Toronto Transit Commission and the Presto fiasco

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... continues.

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Note that a “significant” number of the Presto devices are Out of Service.

I have stopped counting each time I pass a Presto device on a Surface Vehicle or in a Subway Station that glows bright red – out-of-service.

If I had to bet on it, I’d say that your chances were only four out of five at finding a functioning device.

But see also “Being taken for a ride on Presto” further down.

The Toronto Transit Commission and the Presto fiasco

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If 4.2 million trips is 8.5% of all journeys for that month, then we are looking at about Fifty Million Trips Per Month on the Toronto Transit Commission.

If we assume that my Senior’s Fare of $2.10 is about the norm for a fare (some people travel for free, some pay regular price, there’s the expensive monthly MetroPass ...) then fare revenue is about a hundred million dollars per month.

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Note that the Toronto Transit Commission, not the Metrolinx mess, owns the Fare Gates at the Toronto Transit Commission Subway Stations (we are not told about the “gates” on the surface vehicles) and so this compounds the Problems with Delineations of Responsibility.

What idiot (and I use the word advisedly; some of my friends are idiots) dreamed up a scheme where the responsibility for fares on a area enterprise was split between the management of the system and the users (in this case the Toronto Transit Commission) of the system?