2017-03-04 Sat

The Lunchtime Free Concerts

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A recent (and continuing) bout of Plantar Faciitis has left me (a) hobbling on my left foot (b) favoring the Toronto Transit Commission over walking to the libraries and concerts and (c) with a new pair of strong, sturdy shoes for better support than the (apparently) pretzels I have been wearing.

Also a rather keen podiatrist.

I headed off to my first concert in weeks a week or so ago.

Check out the credentials of the two pianists, Tristan Savella and Jean-Luc Therrien who were called in at short notice two hours before the concert.

Two hours.

“Short Notice”, indeed.

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Then go find the Carl Vine and Schumann pieces on YouTube and listen to them all the way through.

Both pianists played without sheet music.

I understand that ability because I hold hundreds of songs in my head, and can sing them unaccompanied at will, start to end, with all the tiddley-pom-poms and so on..

Still and all, you can see why I get a thrill out of being able to wander up to the players afterwards and shake their hands

“You guys make my head hurt” I said in mock anger. Both of them laughed, and I felt good that I had managed to convey some small part of my admiration.