2017-02-26 Sun

Stunt Driving

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We have more than two problems in Toronto right now, but I have chosen two problems which should, I think, go a long way to solving themselves.

(1) Any time you have a driver doing 203 Km/hr in a 60 Km/hr zone you have a problem. The problem is called “education”, because c;early the driver did not absorb the physics lesson where it was pointed out that the energy of a moving body is proportional to the square of the velocity.

203 is roughly 3.4 times the velocity of 60, so the energy is roughly twelve times as much.

That energy has to be dissipated in the event of a collision.

Twelve times as much energy has to be dissipated in the event of a collision.

(2) The court system is dragging its heels. Either not enough judges or too many lawyers padding the hours with objections and motions.

Net result: cases are being tossed out of court on account of slow-movement in the court.

Here’s my contribution to a solution:-

Modify the stunt-driving law so that instead of the driver’s license and car being impounded for seven days, impound them UNTIL AT LEAST THE CASE IS SETTLED IN COURT.

Now, this could take as long as eighteen months, possibly more, but look at the advantages:-

In the first place the driver would likely be agitating for a speedy trial. Delaying tactics by the defense lawyer would NOT be appreciated.

In the second place the car, and possibly the driver, would be off the road for up to eighteen months.

I recognise that a driver who nose-thumbs at the laws about speeding will possibly thumb their nose at laws about driving while under suspension.

Another tweak solves that problem: Instant jail for driving while under suspension.

Try speeding up your original speeding case from within jail.

Hah hah.