2017-02-25 Sat


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Monday, February 20, 2017 was a Public Holiday here in Ontario, so I was mightily puzzled to see that Canada Post is, apparently, doing Mail Delivery in our area.

This from a system that cannot afford to make Home Deliveries?

Trudeau the Liar

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From Tuesday’s Toronto Star.

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And here I quote: “You can rest assured I will do so in the future”.

This from the Politician who made a Promise not two years ago that the 2015 Federal Election would be the last First-Past-the-Post election we would suffer.

What am I saying?

Trudeau has ably established himself as someone who will not keep promises.

So his Promise to Answer Questions in the Language in which they are posed carries no weight at all.

Back in 1970 I was taught “Never make a Promise or a Threat you are not prepared to keep”.