2017-02-24 Fri

Conservation of Energy

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Do not be confused by these signs. They are not based on principles of Physics.

When I pass through a revolving door I have to move four panes of glass through one hundred and eighty degrees (of rotation). That is seven hundred and twenty degrees of movement.

When I pass through a hinged door I have to move ONE pane of glass through FORTY-FIVE degrees (of rotation). That is forty-five degrees of movement.

I burn only one-sixteenth as much energy when I use the hinged door.

Whenever possible, I use the hinged door, and avoid the revolving door like the plague.

College Park

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Work started on renovating this quadrangle of space back in July 2016 . Today it is still a gravel pit, and access to this space as an off-street path between Yonge, Bay, College and Gerrard streets has been denied us.

Someone has knocked down the fences.

I find it hard to understand why it takes over eight months to grade an empty space, truck in some top-soil, lay some sod, plant some trees, and then bugger off and let us use the park.

Toronto is a city that never quite manages to get a job done properly.